Chat GPT vs. AI Tools

If you’re a subject matter expert or someone who’s just excited about teaching something online. If you have a training site or course creator, are looking for some tips and tricks – things that can help build your business and teach more people online you like what I’m going to share about Chat GPT.

There are more AI tools that people who have been considering creating some courses want to consider. on how to create courses with Chat GPT.

What I want to do today is go through part of the process we go through as an course creator for our clients.

We do work for you if you have a membership site, a training site, you want video editing done, you want your course or membership site marketed, you want website design, anything to do with training sites and building these out. That’s what we do in the done for you service at

The other part of our business is our (DIY) “Do it Yourself” instructions at So we’ve got those two kind of platforms and one of the things that obviously. We spend a lot of time doing is writing email copy for ourselves and also for the clients who want to market their business, their product, and their service.

So, kind of interesting, the, the whole dynamic there with writing this copy when it comes to all of the AI tools that are available now, there’s a couple that I’ve talked about before.

AI Tools We Use

One of them was, which is a really good marketing tool tat is structured specifically for people who are trying to put together their big fat claim to be able to explain what it is that they do to build out the market that they want, and it’s about getting your marketing message put together.

The other one I talked about was called HoppyCopy, which is one that is specifically for writing email series, and of course there’s chat GPT.

Now, the interesting thing about these of course, is. Chat GPT is like the overall, the big package. The other ones that are available that I mentioned are subsections of that kind of messaging or that AI tool.

It’s like part of Chat GPT applied to the specific AI tool. HelloScribe is about marketing messages. HoppyCopy is about email marketing. So they’re just kind of small pieces of ChatGPT. And the question that I’m kind of asking myself right now, and I’m wondering is, is it better to go and do specific tools or specific AI tools that are unique to a marketing part of your marketing strategy or part of your business building.

Is it better to learn how to use chatGPT and get good at Chat GPT prompts to apply Chat GPT to all of the parts of your marketing that you need to apply it to?

It’s not an easy answer because there are so many choices.

Let’s look at Hoppycopy as a logged in user.

When you want to do a lead nurture email, which is an example, it guides you through a bunch of steps and it wants you to kind of take a look and say, okay, what. Do I need to give it in terms of information, in order for it to create some content for me?

So in this particular case, you can see they’ve got some examples in the forms here. You can see the form first asks for the brand, the product or service? You could say it’s you know, your brand or it could be a course that you’re.

Who’s the target persona? So you know who’s gonna be, who are you want to read this, or who are you sending these email to? Is it someone specific, like how specific do you want to get? Do you have that target persona documented?

The target personal is a great example. I mentioned, which helps you create and document that target.

Explains the target personas problem and concern. HelloScribe helps you do that.

HoppyCopy is asking you for that because it’s gonna help you write some email messages.

  • Who is it being sold to?
  • What’s the big problem that you’re solving?
  • How are you solving it?
  • And what do you want this email to do?
  • And then what is the tone like?

So for example, is it gonna be super professional. Is it gonna to be casual, luxury, professional? You know, how are you gonna do this? And you can kind of see that there’s a whole bunch of information that’s there for you that you have to fill in before it generates some copy for you.

So you look at that and, okay, great, I get that. It’s gonna create some emails for me. It’s going to write specific emails.

So the question becomes, if you are going to gather that information to use marketing your business what happens if you just go and you open up chat GPT? What happens if you just go and say, okay, you know what?

I have to be really good at prompts or learn how to use prompts if I want chat GPT to document a persona, document the problem that my business solves, or showing how or messaging how you solve it.

So is it best to create the marketing material that you want not that is normally done in HelloScribe or similar AI tools and just create some prompts that say: write me a follow up series of emails that does this, this, this, and this, based on this information I gave it.

So it’s like I don’t have to. Specifically about all of the great prompts in the first tools I mentioned, because that tool is actually helping you or guiding you through the prompts chat. G p t doesn’t guide you through the prompts. You’ve gotta figure those out on your own. Now, why am I mentioning this?

Here’s the thing that jumped out at me. This is something that you might want to think about when you’re looking at this or thinking about which one should I spend some money on?

Which one should I?

There’s actually a tool that might help.

Called AIPRM it actually provides the engineering prompts for you. Examples might be when we’re looking at this fully SEO optimized article, including FAQs, so instead of you having to use an SEO specific AI tool, AIPRM provides a series of pre-done prompts for you marketing materials.

My gut’s telling me that as much as I like those other specific tools that are specific to a marketing aspect, I have a feeling that this whole prompt engineering and the ability to create these prompts or leverage the research other people have done with prompts is gonna be the way that ends up taking over.

On chat GPTprompts are generated for it with top votes, latest updates. They’re all here created for any aspect of marketing,

Which one am I gonna use? Am I gonna use copy? Copy that is specific. An email series, where am I gonna go and go to my Chat GPT and use a tool like AIPRM that has prompts already set up for you. The ones that people have tested, tried and work.

It’s gonna be an interesting question as we kind of get into this and see what happens over the next little. And unfortunately for those smaller companies that are doing the AI tools, I think they’re gonna have to really kind of up the game to make sure that they don’t get lost in that.

So just something to consider as you’re thinking that through.

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