Crazy Profits With Domain Sales

I just sold my first Domain Name!

… with almost a 2000% profit!

Yep true story.

Most people think of selling a domain name like house flipping. You may have heard about traditional Domain Flipping where you need to have a “fixer upper” domain name and associated web site that you add value to in order to sell it.

The main difference between Domain Flipping and House Flipping is that House Flipping involves weeks and oftentimes months of your time to complete.

Domain Flipping works with your schedule, without the risk and associated costs. For those new to the Domain Name world, it can oftentimes feel like all the best names are taken and that’s how I made a crazy profit with one of my Money Spoke Domains.

Think of it as domain name investing. I registered this domain name as one of my Money Spokes and held on to it. It was truly an investment that grew over time and an unexpected benefit of the Hub and Spoke Marketing System.

Watch the video to Understanding this kind of Domain Value

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